East Boston Single-Family Sale Prices Down

East Boston currently has 26 single-family homes listed as for sale with our local Multiple Listing Service with an average market time of 148 days. While the supply of single-family homes is relatively low, prices are less expensive than in previous years. Single-family homes currently on the East Boston market range from $149,000 for an attempt to “short sale” a 1,544 square foot Jeffries Point home on Cottage Street that’s situated on a 900 square foot lot to $549,000 for a beautiful 2,000 square foot home set upon a 7,507 square foot lot on Gladstone Street in Orient Heights.

In the last three months, 18 single-family homes in East Boston have sold or have gone “under agreement.” “Under agreement” means an offer has been accepted by a seller but a deed has not yet been transferred to the buyer to complete the purchase. Among the 12 single-family properties that actually sold during the last three months, prices have ranged from $125,000 for a 1,283 square foot home on Saratoga Street in Eagle Hill to $340,000 for a 1,600 square foot brick “tudoresque” colonial on Orient Avenue in Orient Heights.

After a peak in 2005, sale prices for some East Boston single-family homes have dipped under $200,000, and sale prices for some homes have been dramatically less than they were just a few years ago. Here are some examples: 1 Bennet Place, a 1,478 square foot home, sold in March 2008 via a negotiated “short sale” for $185,000 (the same property sold in January 2006 for $257,000); 152 Saratoga Street, a bank owned property, sold in April 2008 for $125,000 (that 713 square foot home sold in July 2005 for $245,000). These represent selling price reductions of 28% to 49% from a 2005 & 2006 peak market.

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