East Boston Continues to Shine as an Eclectic Urban Village

The East Boston real estate market remains strong, and East Boston continues to be a neighborhood where new homebuyers purchase properties, despite the current economic downturn.

Two factors continually draw buyers to East Boston: price and location. Housing in East Boston continues to be less expensive than other Boston neighborhoods. When prices are lower, more buyers come.

Location is another big East Boston asset. We are a strong stand out as an ideally located urban village connected to a major metropolis by a public transportation system with five neighborhood T stops. The recent addition of the Ted Williams tunnel has only made access to the Turnpike and communities like Cambridge and Newton much easier.

If crime rates continue to remain low and if our streets continue to be beautified with graffiti removal services and anti-litter campaigns, East Boston will continue to shine as an urban village. Our corner stores, subway stations with easy pedestrian access, community gardens, local bakeries, ethnic restaurants, additional greenspaces, bike paths and community arts venues will continue to make our neighborhood a unique, vibrant, and eclectic urban village.

Buildings will convert into owner occupied housing: Triple-deckers will gradually be converted into condominiums and old industrial buildings such as the old GE Factory which now houses the Porter 156 Lofts, will be turned into housing. Our real estate values should remain stable. And if gas prices ever reach $8 a gallon, our resident downtown commuters should be much happier than their suburban counterparts.

Please check back as we continue to update you on East Boston real estate happenings. To see all our listings, or to search MLS properties, head to the Tony’s Realty Website.

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