East Boston Graffiti Easily Removable

When selling real estate, a property’s appearance is an important factor in attracting buyers. From the outside, we call this “curb appeal.” There is also such a thing known as “neighborhood appeal.” Brick sidewalks, lampposts, hedges, and trees can all make a neighborhood or block look more appealing.

While we look forward to East Boston improvements, such as new landscaping and decorative street lighting, one improvement we can advocate for and for which we can see immediate results is the removal of graffiti.

Graffiti is unwelcoming, menacing, and unpleasant to view. When buyers see graffiti present in a neighborhood, it raises questions: Do the landlords care about graffiti? Are there neighborhood organizations advocating for its removal? If graffiti is so accepted, what about other issues such as crime and litter?

Homeowners, landlords, and neighbors should do their part to have graffiti removed immediately. Thankfully, the City of Boston has a free graffiti removal service available to property owners. Simply call City Hall at 617-635-4000 and ask for “Graffiti Busters” or go online to the City of Boston Website. Fill out a graffiti removal form, and shortly afterwards, Graffiti Busters will arrive to remove the graffiti.

As homeowners and landlords we should all take advantage of the City’s Graffiti Busters program, and we should let our neighbors, who might not be aware of this great service, know how easy it is. Graffiti removal in East Boston is easily achievable and free, and it will greatly improve the appearance of our neighborhood.

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