East Boston Continues to be an Attractive Urban Village

Although the nation is experiencing a real estate downturn, East Boston is still in strong demand among future homeowners. It has what buyers want in an urban neighborhood at relatively affordable prices. In recent years, housing near T stations has been selling faster than in suburban areas, and new developments are usually within a few blocks of these stations. Consider our pedestrian friendly Airport T station which has been especially effective in attracting homebuyers to East Boston’s Paris Flats neighborhood.

Other factors keep East Boston’s demand strong. Our crime rates are lower than most Boston neighborhoods, and our green spaces are constantly expanding and improving: Piers Park, the Belle Isle Marsh, the Greenway, the Bremen Street Park all provide recreation, respite and beauty. The steady increase in community gardens brings neighbors together, and a healthy arts scene at 80 Border Street has created a group of concerned and involved residents.

We are fortunate to have a pedestrian friendly village where we can walk to stores and restaurants and see our neighbors. Urban planners talk about developing safe housing close to transportation with green spaces and local businesses nearby. East Boston, especially with its diverse mix of young professionals, growing families, and older lifelong residents, has what urban planners consider ideal.

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