Basements Need Preparation and Cleaning When Placing a Home For Sale

With an increasing inventory of East Boston properties on the market, the proper presentation of a home becomes absolutely essential. One area that should be made visible and that should be presented as clean as possible is a home’s basement.

It is best to clean out a basement when a property is placed on the market so that buyers can thoroughly assess the condition of a home’s foundation and beams, as well as its heating, plumbing and electrical systems which usually have their major systems in a basement. A well-lit and easily navigable basement is ideal.

Furnaces and hot water heaters should be dusted off. Installation dates should be written on hot water tanks so that buyers can estimate how long a hot water heater will last. Installation dates on heating systems should also be noted if available. Any service tags should remain on furnaces; names of oil service companies should be made available if buyers have any questions about heating systems.

Gas meters and electric meters should be easily accessible. If an electric panel contains fuses, sellers should consider converting to circuit breakers. The number of building amps and the number of unit amps should be labeled on electric panels. Old windows and non-working bulkhead doors should be replaced.

Improvements to and proper presentation of a basement make a property much easier to sell in today’s sluggish market.

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