East Boston Three-Family Market Severely Hurt

While the market for East Boston condos and single-family residences is relatively strong for properties in good condition, the East Boston three-family market has been severely hurt.

In the past few months, Orient Heights has had several three-families sell for less than $450,000 on short sales (a short sale is when a lender allows a seller to sell his property at “current market value,” when a lot more is actually owed to a bank—the difference in amount owed and amount received is forgiven by the bank). Traditionally, the Orient Heights neighborhood set the precedent for high priced three-family properties in East Boston. If triple-deckers sold for a certain price in this neighborhood, they usually sold for much less in other East Boston neighborhoods. A few years ago, a triple-decker in Orient Heights almost always sold for $500,000 to $650,000.

Recently, several short sales in the neighborhood have set a new precedent for three-family sale prices. A large, beautiful Orient Avenue three-family sold for only $400,000. A renovated three-family on Breed Street with parking, just steps away from the Orient Heights train station, sold for only $380,000. Both of these properties where sold on “short sales,” and they are both among East Boston’s finest three-family properties.

With recent sales at or below $400,000 for some of East Boston’s best three-family houses, we are unlikely to see many East Boston three-families selling for more than $400,000 in the immediate future.

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