Ecco Brings New Taste to East Boston Fare

When a neighborhood evolves into a pleasant, safe, friendly, urban village, it is often the result of having affordable and enjoyable eating spots nearby. East Boston, over the last year, has seen a series of wonderful establishments pop up in the neighborhood to complement many of the great neighborhood institutions already here.

With a great selection of food and drinks, Ecco is a new arrival that offers opportunities to bump in to old and new friends, long time residents, former East Bostonians, and new homeowners, too. It truly draws a customer base from across the spectrum for food and drinks in an elegant setting.

East Boston has seen some great establishments open in the past year. Angela’s Café on Lexington Street has wonderful, authentic Mexican cuisine. The 303 Café has an amazing weekend brunch, and full menu. Scup’s, at the Marginal Street marina, offers incredible food in a unique and pleasant waterfront setting. D’Parma’s brings a full Italian menu with a full bar to Maverick Square. Saigon Restaurant is under new ownership and brings in a taste of Pho cuisine to East Boston. And, Off the Boat has expanded its location into a full dining room with truly authentic Italian seafood dishes.

And let’s not forget some of our neighborhood’s classic favorites that have been giving us great fare for decades including Kelley’s Pub, Rino’s, Donna’s, and Santarpio’s Pizza, all of which have paved the way for East Boston to be a great destination for food & drinks.

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