Bank Owned and Short Sales Predominate East Boston Two-Family Market

During the last two months, ten two-family properties were sold in East Boston. Of these ten, three were bank owned properties. Another four were short sales. Only three of these properties were “regular sales.”

The average two-family house sold for $237,243. This ranged from $175,000 for a 2,800 square foot bank-owned two-family house on Princeton Street in Eagle Hill to $306,000 for a large 3,900 square foot two-family house on Falcon Street with parking, also located in Eagle Hill. A large traditional style 2,800 square foot two-family with a garage on Bennington Street in Orient Heights also sold for $300,000 on a short sale.

Bank owned properties and short sales usually lead the way in setting new market value prices. They are not necessarily cheaper than “regular sales,” but if a “regular seller,” whose property is not bank owned or an attempted short sale, wants to sell a property, it usually must be priced to compete with a bank owned property or an attempted short sale.

Of the ten two families that sold, only three were “regular sales.” They were a 2,100 square foot two-family on Saratoga Street near Central Square for $180,000, a renovated 2,400 square foot two-family on Marion Street for $250,928, and a beautiful 2,300 square foot two-family on Bennington Street near Dom Savio for $240,000.

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