Winter an Ideal Time to Prepare a Home for Sale

During the New England winter months, the weather is often cold, snowy and rainy.  Most people are busy with holiday preparations, and unfavorable weather conditions as well as shorter sunlit hours make it hard for buyers to view properties.  Sellers, ideally, should not put their houses on the market during December, January and February; most houses sell between April and October. But winter can be a great time to prepare a home for sale.

Consider having a home inspection on your house and addressing issues that buyers will eventually discover.  Does your chimney or foundation need re-pointing?  Does your furnace need to be serviced or replaced?  Does your fuse box need to be changed to circuit breakers?  Should you pull up old carpets and refinish hardwood floors?  Do you need to de-clutter your home or empty your basements and attics?

Talk to contractors and professionals, get estimates and consider doing repairs.  Winter can be a great time to start fine-tuning your property so that it both looks great and is in its best possible condition when you do list it for sale in the Spring.

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