There’s Room for a Burger King in East Boston

In the past few years, Tony’s Realty has been excited to see the successful development of many new, independently owned restaurants in East Boston. Among our favorites are Scup’s, Angelas’ Cafe, Off the Boat, Dough, the 303 Cafe, and Ecco. East Boston continues its tradition of welcoming new entrepreneurs to the restaurant business and allowing them to flourish in the neighborhood.

At the same time, Tony’s Realty is not opposed to the development of a new Burger King as our neighbor in Maverick Square. Denying a businessperson the opportunity to develop a restaurant in an area zoned for a commercial restaurant is morally and ethically questionable. The development of a Burger King poses no threat to the development of individually and independently owned restaurants in our neighborhood, and its presence is perfectly legal. The “cause” to deny a Burger King in Maverick Square is, instead, a shameful snub to its owner, a small businessman, and its potential patrons.

Many well-established cities and neighborhoods in the United States and the world have Burger Kings—New York City’s Fifth Avenue, Miami Beach, Boston’s Copley Square, and even Venice, Italy. As a new and hopeful America, our energy can be better spent improving our neighborhood in creative ways, instead of trying to destroy the development of a legitimate business.

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