Two-Families Averaging One Sale Per Week in East Boston

In the last three months, 13 two-family homes have sold in East Boston. The average selling price was $222,246. These properties ranged from a small 3 and 4 room near Central Square, which sold for $144,200 to a large 5 and 6 room on Leyden Street in Orient Heights, which sold for $300,000. Another large, standard two-family sold in Orient Heights near the Winthrop border for $280,000.

Of the 13 properties sold, one was bank owned; another 10 were “short sales.” In a short sale, a buyer negotiates with a seller’s bank to purchase a property at a “market value” price—generally less than what the seller owes the bank. The most challenging part of a short sale is convincing a seller’s lender that a buyer’s offer is a “reasonable price and not lower than current market value.”

Only two properties that sold were neither bank owned nor short sales. Both were older two-families. One was on Saratoga Street near Dom Savio, which sold for $190,000. The other was on Emmons Street near Maverick Square, which sold for $210,000. Even in this economic downturn of lower selling prices, there seems to be a steady flow of buyers interested in East Boston properties. In the last three months, 1 two-family house sold per week on average.

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