East Boston: Housing Collapse or a Return to Normal Prices?

Last month, a two family with a big driveway on a 5,000 square feet lot was foreclosed upon—the property was located at 687 Saratoga Street near the Wood Island train station.  It is currently on the market for $183,000.  The property’s history gives an insightful glimpse of the troublesome East Boston mortgage crisis and supposed housing “collapse.”

The property was purchased in 1999 for $195,000.  The buyer obtained 95% financing and bought the house with a mortgage of $185,250.  In 2001, the owner refinanced the house for $190,750 and later took out an additional mortgage for $40,000.  In 2003, the owner refinanced again, borrowing a total of $328,500.  In July 2005, the owner refinanced a fourth time, borrowing a total of $440,000 on the property for which he only paid $195,000.

Some East Boston properties are selling at 50% of their 2004/2005 values, but not much less than their mid to late 1990s prices.  Perhaps current market conditions are not signs of a housing “collapse,” but are instead a return to “normal prices” after an extended period of artificially inflated prices due to the nonstop availability of mortgages and loans over the past ten years.

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