Large Non Short Sale Three-Families Sell Quickly in East Boston

In East Boston, there is an increased demand for larger three-family homes in decent condition that are not short sales.  Most sales taking place recently have been short sales (in a short sale, a seller attempts to sell a property at market value, which is less than what is owed on a mortgage, and asks the bank to forgive the difference between the amount owed to the bank and the amount a buyer is willing to pay).  Short sales are sometimes not approved, and approvals can take three to six months.  There are many buyers unwilling to attempt a short sale purchase, but who instead want to buy a “non short sale property” from a “regular seller” so that a sale can take place in the normal 45-day time frame.

Recently, some larger three families in East Boston, which have not been short sales, have sold for higher prices than many short sales.  A large 4,128 square foot three-family with a driveway at 641 Bennington Street near Orient Heights recently sold for $350,000.  Another large 3,553 square foot three-family at 222 East Eagle Street sold in January for $320,000.  A large 4,764 square foot home at 358 Meridian Street was recently listed at $325,000 and went under agreement in just 24 days.  Similarly, a large 4,632 square foot three-family at 316 Saratoga Street was listed at $325,000 and went under agreement in just 6 days. (The last two properties have not yet sold; most properties that go under agreement within 30 days sell within 90% to 100% of asking price.)

East Boston has a shortage of large three-family properties on the market and in good condition that are not short sales.  Regular sellers will find that even in these tough economic times, there is a strong demand for large three-families in good condition in the $300,000 to $350,000 price range.  They tend to sell quickly.

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