East Boston Sees Demand for Well Priced Three-Families in Good Condition

Tony’s Realty recently listed a beautiful 3,000 square foot three-family house in East Boston near Ecco, the East Boston Police Station, and the Paris Street Gym. This property was listed on March 17. During the first two weeks of the property’s marketing, over 20 interested parties viewed the property. Within 17 days, the sellers received four offers. It was placed under agreement (an offer was accepted) for a selling price within 95% of the asking price.

There seems to be a very strong demand in East Boston for three-family properties in very good condition priced between $300,000 and $350,000. With interest rates at or below 5%, homeownership of a three-family is almost as cheap as paying rent. Also, the Obama Stimulus Package offers many homeowners an $8,000 tax credit on properties purchased before November 2009. Currently, there are more buyers than sellers for three-family houses that are in good condition and priced competitively in East Boston.

Please check back as we continue to update you on East Boston real estate happenings. To see all our listings, or to search MLS properties, head to the Tony’s Realty Website.

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