There’s a Strong Demand for East Boston Properties in Excellent Condition

Even though our country is in the worst financial straits since the Great Depression, recent sales during the last two months of certain East Boston properties show there is a strong demand for good properties in excellent condition in our neighborhood, and there are buyers willing to pay for and occupy them.

Recently, a 1,906 square foot 4 bedroom single-family with parking in excellent condition sold at 30 Annavoy Street for $350,000. A two level, 1,757 square foot brand new condo with parking on Lamson Street in Jeffries Point sold for $392,750. At 281 Webster Street, a top floor, 1,036 square foot brand new condo sold for $322,000. Two top floor lofts, each with two garage spaces, sold at Porter 156 for $360,000 and $367,000. A beautiful two-family with four garages at 28 Orient Avenue sold for $370,000. A unique 4,102 square foot two-family consisting of a brick single and an attached townhouse with 2 garages and ample parking at 50-52 Ashley Street sold for $475,000.

There have been buyers in East Boston willing to pay over $300,000 for larger homes in excellent condition with excellent room layouts and sufficient parking (although plenty of properties without private parking sell). Stagnant sales are more prevalent among properties that are in bad condition, have poor room layouts, and are overpriced.

Please check back as we continue to update you on East Boston real estate happenings. To see all our listings, or to search MLS properties, head to the Tony’s Realty Website.

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