Maverick Square…East Boston’s Living Room

Tony’s Realty offers its congratulations and thanks to all those who have dedicated countless hours, days, and years to the renovation of Maverick Square. The dust has settled; East Boston has its welcome mat back, and it looks better than ever.

Now that we have the infrastructure in place, Tony’s Realty would like to encourage East Boston (public and private citizens alike) to ensure the square becomes as welcoming a gathering spot as Harvard Square in Cambridge, Bryant Park in New York, or the Spanish Steps in Rome. The Square is our living room, after all.

We’re imagining outdoor seating for all the restaurants and coffee shops that line the square (whether the establishment is big, small, independent, or a chain). We also envision fruit and slush carts—similar to the ones currently lining many a streetscape in New York—or allowing some of our grocery stores to sell their produce outdoors along the sidewalks. Perhaps a few more trees, flowers, and potted plants (both from the public as well as private sectors). And performance spaces for music groups both above ground and below.

Great cities have great living rooms. While the work that was done was a great first step in improving the square, it’s simply that—a first step. Now that the house is built, it’s time to start furnishing it, making it a home.

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