Recent Sales on Trenton Street Indicate a Market Uptick

Recent sales activity on East Boston’s Trenton Street during the month of November continues to demonstrate that multi-family prices are slightly improving over the average 12 month sale prices in East Boston.  125 Trenton Street, a 1,740 square foot renovated two-family with three garage stalls sold this week for $312,000.  It is the only two-family property outside of Orient Heights to sell for more than $300,000 during the last year in East Boston.  During the last 12 months, 41 two-families sold with an average sale price of $238,695.

Similarly, Tony’s Realty recently sold 146 Trenton Street.  This completely, and exquisitely, renovated 2,728 square foot three-family sold for $375,000.  A similar sized property (2,448 square feet) at 96 Trenton Street also sold this week for $356,000.  Both these sales are indications of an improved market.  During the last twelve months, the average three-family in East Boston sold for only $243,191.  And in all of East Boston, only 6 three-families, during that time frame, have ever sold for more than $350,000.

Please check back as we continue to update you on East Boston real estate happenings.  To see all our listings, or to search MLS properties, head to the Tony’s Realty Website.

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