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East Boston Three-Family Sales Steadily Improve

During the last three months, only three bank-owned three-family homes were sold in East Boston. Two of these homes sold for more than asking price. Recently, banks have been pricing smaller three families in the high $100,000 price range—those homes then often sell at above asking price. When a property is priced below market value, the price generally attracts multiple buyers and offers resulting in the successful purchaser paying more than list price.

42 Gove Street was listed on 8/18/2009 for $166,900. It went under agreement in 9 days. It sold on 10/27/2009 for $185,000. 310 Saratoga Street was listed on 10/20/2009 for $198,000. It went under agreement 8 days later; it sold on 12/15/2009 for $226,000. 295 Havre originally went on the market on 5/13/2009 for $220,000. On 6/22/2009, it was lowered to $209,900. It went under agreement in one day. It came back on the market on 9/17/2009. Its price was reduced to $189,900 on 9/18/2009, and it went under agreement again on the same day. It sold on 10/29/2009 for $180,500.

Recent activity for non-bank owned three families continues to improve, with houses remaining on the market for fewer days and selling for higher prices than in most of 2009 and all of 2008. In December 2009, 90 Saint Andrew Road, a 2,912 square foot three-family with two parking spaces, sold for $460,000, making it the highest price Orient Heights three-family to sell in almost three years.

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