Six Single-Family Homes Sell In East Boston Over Past 3 Months

During the last three months, only 6 single-family homes sold in East Boston. The average sale price was $209,093, but the actual properties ranged from a small, bank owned property, which sold for $100,000, to a brand new three-bedroom, which sold for $290,000. No property sold for over $300,000.

51 Condor Street, a small bank owned two-bedroom house sold for $100,000. 198 Everett Street, a recently renovated Jeffries Point two-bedroom house sold for $227,500. In Orient Heights, a four-bedroom bank owned single at 1112 Bennington Street sold for $237,000. And a large three-bedroom brick Tudor style house at 84 Beachview Road sold as a short sale for only $150,058. The most expensive Orient Heights single sold in the last three months was a cute three-bedroom house at 74 Faywood Avenue, which sold for $250,000. The highest priced single-family to sell in all of East Boston during the last three months was a brand new three-bedroom house at 231 Brooks Street which sold for $290,000.

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