East Boston Three-Family Sale Prices Rise

Over the last six months, 44 three-family homes have sold in East Boston, ranging from $100,000 for a total gut rehab Everett Street home to $480,000 for a 4,500 square foot unusually large East Eagle house in exceptionally good condition with four parking spaces. The average three-family sale price was $276,557. Many were bank owned and others were short sales. Non bank owned and short sale properties are beginning to sell in the low to mid $300,000 range. A few buildings that have been either exceptionally large, in impeccable condition, had spectacular harbor views, or lots of parking and land have sold for over $400,000.

Since November, the following three-families have sold for over $300,000: 236 Maverick Street sold in 11 days for $329,000; 228 Havre Street sold in 5 days for $347,000; and 194 Chelsea Street sold in 3 days for $320,000. At prices over $350,000, three families have usually been totally renovated: 96 Trenton Street sold for $356,000; 146 Trenton Street sold for $375,000; and this month 101 Chelsea Street, which was completely renovated, sold in 20 days for $373,000. In today’s market, a medium size triple-decker in very good condition should sell between $300,000 and $350,000. An extensively renovated, medium size three family will more likely sell between $350,000 and $390,000. This is about a 10% increase above last spring’s three-family home sale prices.

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