East Boston Condo Buyers Attracted to Newer Units and Amenities

During the last three months, 15 condos sold in East Boston with an average selling price of $196,637. The average list price was $201,967. Most units sold within 97% of the final asking price. There were four bank owned condos, which sold between $72,000 and $90,000—3 out of the 4 sold for above asking price. Of the remaining 11 units, 7 had parking. Condo buyers tend to be attracted to newer units with amenities and parking.

Many condo sale prices were higher than usual, and other properties sold after being on the market for many months. 99 Boardman Street, a 1,800 square foot 3 bedroom townhouse with 2 parking spaces sold for $329,000; 910 Saratoga Street, a 3 bedroom, 1,984 square foot condo with one parking space sold for $310,000. Both of these sold for more than what most single-family homes sell in East Boston. Two units had been on the market for many months: 26 Gladstone Street, a beautifully renovated 1,034 square foot condo which sold for $275,000, and 216 Marginal Street, a two level 1,150 square foot condo with superb harbor views which sold for $254,000.

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