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Sellers Shouldn’t Delay Readying a Home for Sale this Season

Now is the busiest selling time of year in East Boston: April 15 thru August 15. The weather is warm and the days are long during these four months. The Obama tax incentive for first time buyers who place a property under contract before April 30 is also helping boost the spring market. While November thru February are the coldest, darkest, and slowest months of the year to sell a property, any time spent “thinking about” selling a home at this point in the calendar is lost marketing time. If you are planning to sell, now is the time to put your house on the market.

During prime selling season, you don’t want to waste too much time “getting your house ready” if that means “keeping it off the market.” Spend a week or so doing the most important tasks; remaining tasks can be done while the house is already listed for sale. The to do list remains pretty much the same—remove clutter as much as possible, empty basements and attics, rake leaves, throw away “yard junk,” and keep your lawn or hedges trimmed. Wash windows and doors and paint trim if necessary. Fix leaky plumbing, paint old leak stains, and service your heating furnace. In multi-family properties, clean front and back hallways, neatly print tenant names on mailboxes, and keep porches cleared of trash and extra debris. If you have any vacant apartments, it is advisable to leave at least one empty for the new homeowner. Also, gather tenant records and leases and make note of when your roof was last repaired, heating systems installed, electricity updated, etc. A well presented property along with detailed information on tenants and past improvements, or even acknowledging work that still needs to be done, will lead to a much faster, smoother sale.

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