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Some East Boston Three-Families Selling for Over $400,000

Recent East Boston sales data show some high quality and well located three-family properties selling for over $400,000 again.  In fact, one property recently sold for $500,000, the first time a three-family has sold for that much in many years.

In August, 78 Frankfort Street, a 4,374 square foot property on a 2,882 square foot lot, sold in 22 days at full list price, $400,000. It was located a few blocks from the Airport train station and the new Bremen Street Park.  Also in August, 25 Gladstone Street, a 4,193 square foot property with 8 parking spaces and five garages, situated on a 7,500 square foot lot, sold for $460,000. This property took longer to sell; it was originally listed in January, 2010 for $600,000.

In Noveber, 18 Thurston Street, a beautiful 3,964 square foot three-family with two parking spaces on a 4,500 square foot lot broke all recent records, selling for $500,000. This property also took a while to sell because the initial list price in May, 2010, was $619,000.  Since January 2009, only 7 three-family properties have sold between $400,000 and $480,000.  Only 18 Thurston Street has reached the $500,000 sale price mark.

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