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East Boston Has a Strong Demand for “Buyer Friendly” Multi-Families

March is the beginning of the Spring real estate market in East Boston. And there is a strong and steady demand for two and three-family properties in our neighborhood. What has become most important to a successful sale of late is that properties be in “buyer friendly” condition. Most buyers purchasing East Boston properties are obtaining loans, often FHA (Federal Housing Authority) loans, which require properties be in adequate and properly maintained condition and that they appraise at “current market value.” In other words, not only should properties being sold to buyers with such loans be in “working order,” they should be selling at prices that are comparable to other properties that have recently sold. If a porch, roof, electrical service, or a furnace needs repair, it makes sense to act on these repairs before selling a house. And it is important to be aware which similar properties are selling and to price one’s property accordingly so that there are no financing issues later.

During the past year, unfavorable tenant conditions have deterred many buyers from making offers on properties. Some landlords try to sell properties without delivering a vacant “owner’s unit.” About 90% of purchasers of two and three-family homes intend to live in those homes and need to know there’s an empty apartment in the building they’re purchasing—this allows them to place an offer with peace of mind. Many landlords also have tenants whose rents are far below market value. Before placing a home on the market, it’s a good idea to negotiate a market value rent with a current tenant or at least get an agreement from the tenant to pay market value when a new buyer takes over. The more financially sound a building appears, the more attractive it is to prospective buyers.

In summary, East Boston has a strong demand for two and three-family homes in decent shape with tenants who pay market value rent—and that come with at least one vacancy for a prospective buyer to occupy upon purchase.

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